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Award Committee Report

2023-12-14 10:41
Best Paper Award
(1) Paper ID: 0017, Self-Interactive Attention Networks via Factorization Machines for Click-Through Rate Prediction / Dongjun Lee, Hyunsung Lee and Jaekwang Kim / Sungkyunkwan University / Korea
(2) Paper ID: 0053, Interval Robust Granular Computing with Hausdorff Distance Measure for the Clustering of Noise Symbolic Data / Nai-Cheng Shih, Jin-Tsong Jeng and Chen-Chia Chuang / National Ilan University / Taiwan
(3) Paper ID: 0075, Generating a Natural Language Sentence explaining Trends of Two Time-Series Data / Yukako Nakano and Ichiro Kobayashi / Ochanomizu University / Japan

Best Application Award
(1) Paper ID: 0029, Comparison of U-Net Backbones on Segmenting Gas and Stool Regions from Abdominal X-Ray Images / Naoya Takashima, Daisuke Fujita and Syoji Kobashi / University of Hyogo / Japan

Recognition Award
(1) Professor Jin Hee Yoon / Sejong University / Korea
(2) Dr. Hohyun Lee,  Dr. Sungyun Kim / K-water / Korea
(3) Professor Yusuke Nojima / Osaka Metropolitan University / Japan

About Best Presentation Award  -    The award committee chair approved the best presenters who were selected by the session chairs.  The best presentation award was sent to each awardee through e-mail on 18th December, 2023.