Welcome to ISIS2023

Welcome to ISIS2023

The 24th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS) will be held on 6-9 December 2023 in Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Republic of Korea. On behalf of the Organizing Committee. We welcome distinguished guests, invited speakers, and all of participants to the ISIS 2023.

Since the 1st International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems was began in 2000, the Korean Institute of Intelligent Systems(KIIS) and the Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and intelligent informatics(SOFT) have held biannual conference at each country, i.e., the KIIS and the SOFT held the ISIS(International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems) in Korea and next year SCIS&ISIS(International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems and International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems) in Japan. More than 150 papers have been yearly presented in the ISIS, providing a great opportunity to discuss the latest accomplishments, challenges, and future directions on the advanced intelligent systems and the SOFT computing. Furthermore, the ISIS has fostered not only academic interactions among industries, education, and research institutions, but also contributed to strengthen friendship and social relationship among scientists, engineers, and students over the past decades long. We believe all of participants have valuable and interesting time from all of presentations and discussions, comparing the most recent advancements from the industrial field and the laboratories.

The Venue, Gwangju City is known for being both at the center of Korea’s Namdo culture and a cultural capital of Korea. Gwangju is a UNESCO Creative City for Media Art and also an artificial intelligence-oriented city. In the Sangmu District as a key commercial district, all of participants can enjoy a variety of different tastes, from the popular Korean course meal of the Namdo region, to other exotic foods. We expect that you enjoy amazing Korean foods, arts, and traditional culture.

We express sincere gratitude for all invited speakers, the session organizers and chairs, paper reviewers, the international committee and the local organizing committee members with their contributions and all the efforts. We would like to also acknowledge the support and collaboration of the sponsors. We hope that you all have a rewarding and enjoyable time at this conference.
With our best wishes for a successful symposium!

Sincerely Yours

Professor Jung Sik Jeong
Mokpo National Maritime University, Korea

Hiroshi Nakajima, Ph.D.
Omron Corporation, Japan

General Chairs of ISIS2023